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Education, Encouragement and Excitement for happy, healthy kids!

We specialize in funky, upbeat kids content, inspiring young learners along with their teachers and carers!  We encourage kids to read and write, eat healthy and exercise, build confidence, think creatively and fall in love with the wonders of the natural world.

Sing songs, dance-a-long with our brain breaks, giggle with character comedy, or go WOW with mini-documentaries and How To DIY fun!

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Teacher Em is a kids language, movement and creativity coach. Teaching through performance and hands on activities.  Em loves sports and is a big believer in super active lifestyle for tip top health and happiness! As a kindergarten teacher and entertainer Em experiments with real life kids audiences to find ideas, write songs and design activities that really zing with the little ones! 


Meet Nikita, a flamboyant educator who loves getting dressed up and dancing like nobody’s watching. Passionate about the health of humans and our Earth, Nikita facilitates learning through the encouragement of self-expression, physical movement, health, sport and outdoor education. Nikita teaches at international school and adores traveling which is where many nature-inspired lessons are born.

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